Best Must Visit Hiking Places in Montreal

Although there’s plenty to keep tourists eventful in Montreal itself. But there are many places outside the city, where you will find an incredible range of activities to make your vacationing indelible. If you are an actual true blue city dweller, then you are always going to feel more cozy and comfy in the city surrounded by skyscrapers. Not even the outsiders, even the most dedicated Montrealers requires an escape out of the smog, must visit these hiking places in Montreal and spend some leisure time in green lands. Montreal has a number of good alternatives to head in and out Montreal, so book cheap flights to Montreal and enjoy hiking!!

Parco National du Mont St-Bruno

Sometimes the mountain is a correlative term. And so it is for Mont St-Bruno, as what tourist exactly do here is taking a sedate stroll around a lake. There are some points that escort you to lookout points of either any of the mountain or any of the five famous lakes. Majority of the visitors take a stroll around Lac Seigneur with small advancement. It is a perfectly fine 7 kilometers walk in nature. If hiking is a new thing for you, then this is a great place to try-out the water in a beautiful setting of nature.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is an alluring mountain. It is an island of greenery in the center of the city. This island has hundreds of amazing crisscrossing paths all over, which allows someone to walk through the park to anywhere between the time duration of 30 minutes to distinct hours. The best part about it is just so close! There is some stipulation you must watch when you hike Mount Royal such as Beaver Lake, the Belvedaire Lookout, the Cross, and the actual summit at height of 233m. The hiking here is inert as the ranges are easy and most of the paths don’t have much elevation difference.

Mont Rigaud

It is the cutest mountain range and sports a beautiful nature park centered on the mountain. It offers two main trails of interest. You can either enjoy hiking either to the Cross which is accessible via the ski mountain which has a crisscrossing trail of 3.7km one-way or to the lookout which is accessible from the center-of-the-forest path behind the Sanctuary Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes.


Fathomless in apple picking country lies the outstanding bump that is Mont-Saint-Gregoire. It’s preferably vigorous to miss as it is the only hill among the thousands of acres of farmland and apple orchards. Climbing here is quite easy as it’s a short 2.5km loop. Going up on much of the trails is steep. The summits afford a beautiful unobstructed view in every direction.

Mont Rougemont

This mountain is so beautiful and mostly used for apple orchards and maple syrup cultivation. The forest her itself is so alluring and the path is well marked, though rather wild. The mountains sit atop the 360m elevation of one of the peaks of Mont Rougemont. You can also access the mountain by foot via a gravel road at the end of Chemin du Moulin. It is another short hike and quite steep through several sections.

Mont Saint-Hilaire

Maintained by McGill University for the last 45 years as a nature reserve it is one of the most impressive mountains near Montreal. The views from one of the three summits are so gorgeous to witness. The paths here are beautifully tended and yet in the middle of the forest. Anyone interested in hiking, this place is always on the top of people’s list. It is a very popular mountain, so don’t expect to be alone in the heart of nature, unless you pick one of the hard paths.

Morin Heights

Surrounded by mountains and lakes, Morin Heights is a very beautiful place. Therefore hiking around this area is very beautiful. This region includes three areas of trails, the Morin-Heights mountain area, the Bellevue mountain area, and the Rue des Bouleaux area. The view from the impressive Morin-Heights is incredible, which gives an indelible hiking experience.

Le Haut-Lieu Trail

Also known as the L’Escapade this place is located on Mount Rigaud and has several trails. It welcomes cross-country skiers in winter season and hikers in summer. Here hikers will be treated with multiple point of views.

Parc National du Mont Orford

This beautiful landscape includes separate mountain regions: the Mont-Chauve side and the Mont-Orford side. This place requires a lot of water and right pair of footwear to enjoy hiking at its best. But the view can only be witnessed from Pic de la Roche Fendue, which gives an awe-inspiring view of nature.

Parc National du Mont Orford

Park National du Mont-Tremblant

Experiencing hiking trail at this place is literally an achievement. It is tough to get here as its too long, but once you reach to the top of the mountain itself, you will definitely enjoy your victory called 360 and see far and wide in every direction. The park has 82 kilometers of trails throughout the National Park each path leads to a different peak or different lake.

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