10 Caribbean Islands You’ve Never Heard But Need to Visit

Everyone has a favorite Caribbean island to abscond tedious life. Pirate hideouts and pink-sand beaches, Caribbean islands have a lot to offer to every traveler around the globe. Local culture pristine by cruise ships and crowds. Following are some of the Caribbean islands you’ve never heard but need to visit. With cheap flights to the Caribbean regions and explore the islands that are perfect for escapists, adventures, and vacationers who want to lose and escape from the hustle-bustle of life.

Carriacou, Grenada

With 13 square miles, a unique combination of sugar-mil ruins and meek fishing villages, it is actually the largest of the Grenadines. It is originated as a fishing island. While English is the official language here, local often speak a distinctive French patois, an evidence of how intact the island’s primeval traditions are. Much of this hilly green Grenadine is not seen by much of the visitors and Tyrell Bay witness the few yachts that dock at Carriacou.

Carriacou, Grenada island

Los Roques, Venezuela

Remote and romantic, Los Roque is more or less unrevealed to North Ameican tourists but is frequently visited by Venezuelans. Its beaches and lagoons are outstanding. Hiking volcanic Gran Roque, trawling for bonefish, and sailing smoothly along the harbor is the only active avocation. Take a penero to enjoy some leisure time and then pop into one of the mellow bars in Plaza Bolivar for a sunset drink.

Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

Savor your taste buds with the local sweet tourment d’amour, which is basically a tarlet of coconut or tropical-fruit jam fringed in sponge cake in Iles des Saintes. The cuisine is the perfect symbol of its mixture of colonialist and native cultures. The place is originally visited by Arawak Indians, then rectified by Brenton and Norman colonists. Today, many if the blue-eyed successors speak a French dialect similar to that spoken in North America. The island is dotted with colorful streets and brightly painted wooden houses, stretched along the shores.

Water Island, U.S. Virgin Island

This unofficial fourth Virgin Island is a 10-minute ferry ride from Charlotte Amalie. But still, the distance feels like worlds away. Unlike the duty-free shopping mecca of Saint Thomas is just a half mile north. The island was basically made for people-free adventure. People can enjoy leisurely hiking on the flat coastal trails, exploration of underground ruins of WWII-era Ft. Segarra or simple idling on the sun-soaked beaches.

Water Island, U.S. Virgin Island

Saba, Lesser Antilles

Feel like Robinson Crusoe at the little Saba in the sun. The island is rising sharply out of the sea like a beast of the deep sea. The place is known for its pretty, sheer terrain. In fact, its terrain is so much iconic that its volcano is named as Mt. Scenery. Mt. Scenery is the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with challenging hiking trails that thread through lush rainforests, with a beautiful cloudy atmosphere at its peak. The place is fully untouched by commercial tourism.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Just eight miles north of its more-visited sister Vieques, which is famous for everything it lacks factors such as crowds, resorts, cruise ports, and even rivers; Culebra is a mainland vacationers place. The water around the Culebra is so crystal clear, that you can see its reefs, where diving and snorkeling are popular pastimes. With a population of just around 3000, the place leads a small tourism and is around the corner from the island of Puerto Rico.

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Isla de Providencia, Colombia

The place has a strict law against commercial development have kept this place as pristine as the day Puritans landed on its shores. Travelers can seek divine Providence here at best, but they have not found it yet. Little tourism can be found here in centered on the hamlet of Aguadulce, with some handful hotels, dive shops, and motorbike rentals. While your visit here samples the local favorite random, a rich fish, conch, and coconut-milk casserole; the place offers a lot of options to savor your taste buds.

Isla de Providencia, Colombia

Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

It’s a windward island just south of St. Vincent. Cooled by trade winds Bequia has a tinge of cosmopolitan charm with well-matched natural adventures. With uniform mild weather patterns, the island is known for its secret caverns, holes, and overhangs. Its weather also makes windsurfing a famous diversion, and some 30 dive sites surrounding the beautiful island. Explore the Hawksbill turtle sanctuary or the historical Firefly Plantation on the dry land.

Cat Island, Bahamas Out Islands

Located southeast of Nassau, situated next to the Tropic of Cancer, this Bahamian island is teeming with hidden coves, pink beaches, and coral reefs. The island is blissfully undeveloped, with few resorts and thatched-roof tiki bars to distract from its number of natural wonders. The climate of the island is usually mild with unusually warm waters, its dive sites are destination themselves.

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Named for a Dutch privateer, Jost Van Dyke; the island has a colorful history just like the personality of Jost Van Dyke, which is visible in every inch of the three-square-mile of the isle. Swim to the Soggy Dollar Bar, where you can down a few of the creamy, coconut drinks and find your favorite spot on Jost’s signature sugar-soft sand.

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