Discover the Best of Baja California- The Ultimate Road Trip

Hola, amigos!! Enjoy Oceans, mountains, valley, desert, giant cacti, whales, tacos, and beaches. Taking best of Baja California Road Trip down Mexico’s famous routes gives you a lot to play with and enjoy over a thousand kilometers of coastline.


It is the largest in the Mexican state of Baja California. As one of the largest city in Mexico. It is the growing cultural center and most visited border city in the world. The reputation of the city is enough to introduce it. Don’t get nervous whenever someone declares it the most dangerous place on the earth. If you are visiting U.S.A then Tijuana is the starting point from where your Baja California road trip will start. The Oceanside city is just 10 minutes by car from the border. You can enjoy yourself till sunset here. The city is not just famous for neon cocktails and cheap tequila shots, but for the finely crafted brews, you can consume in some very funky brewery settings.

Tijuana at LuxFares


The port city on the Pacific coast of Mexico is the cultural center. It’s less than 2 hours south of Tijuana. The second stop on your Baja California road trip is known for its vineyards. The city is a unique mix of just-off-the-boat cruise shippers, drive-by tourists from California. Ensenada is a tourist resort for more than four million tourists annually. You will almost find anything, from delicious French food to tasteless T-shirts.


Don’t Confuse your Rosario, Rosarito(s) and Rosalia

Going from north to south you have:

Rosarito – This place is close to Tijuana. It is a resort town located on the coast of Mexico’s Baja California. Known as a nightlife destination for U.S. tourists due to its accessibility to the border

El Rosarito- It is the last stop to refuel before heading south to Guerrero Negro. It is a tempting stop where you can stay overnight. Carve up the long stretch between Baja Norte and Baja Sur.

Rosarito, near Santa Rosaliita- It also comes in the way to Guerrero Negro, there is nothing to be seen here.

Santa Rosalia- It is located on the east of the peninsula. It is a beautiful stop during your Baja California road trip.

Guerrero Negro

The place is located in Baja California Sur. This is the last stop on your Baja California road trip which welcomes you with a sense of relief. Tourist main draw is the proximity to the seasonal gray whale’s migrations. The crystalline plains are quite beautiful as its main industry is salt. It is the first sensible pitstop you will find after leaving Baja Norte and Loreto. Other additional stops between Guerrero Negro and Loreto are San Ignacio, Santa Rosalia, and Mulege.

Guerrero Negro at


It is located on Mexico’s Baja California Penisula, on the Gulf of California. This place is somewhere between the old and the new world. The city’s old town has the real essence of history. You can stroll along the beach promenade to have some relaxing time and try some local craft beer. This shoreline, stunning and ocean offshore is protected from pollution and uncontrolled fishing.


La Paz

The capital of Baja Calfornia Sur, La Paz is one of the most favorite spot for tourists on their way to Baja Calfornia road trip. The sunset of the city is sublime. Known for its seafront Malecon promenade with beaches and parks and art by Mexican and international artists, the town has many bars and restaurants overlook the water.

La Paz California

Todos Santos

It is en route from La Paz to Los Cabos. It is on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. It is mainly known for its art galleries. Todos Santos is the quirky mix of locals, fishers, surfers and New Age spiritualists. The town is a must visit a town with its charming cobblestone streets lined with romantic restaurants and a cactus or three.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is the collective name that covers both Cano San Lucas and San Juan del Cabo. Home to big resorts and Americanized restaurants you can have a great deal and happy time here. If you want to get your party on, then the city is the biggest party town to do so during Baja California road trip.

Los Cabos

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