Best Caribbean Destinations You Must Visit

With more than 7000 Islands in the Caribbean, it is a great destination for all and offers a lot to every visitor. It is really hard to decide the beautiful and gorgeous and best Caribbean Islands that you must visit are so beautiful and gorgeous and offer plenty of things to the travelers around the world. But not all islands are the same and offer different activities.


Originated as the result of oceanic sediments, it is a perfect destination for the ones who are looking for perfect relaxation in a tropical place. With a fantastic climate, blissful beaches, smashing nightlife, nice restaurants, and delicious food. Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, this coral island that offers almost every a tourist is expecting. If you are visiting Barbados then you must visit Harrison cave. It is the most beautiful geological feature of the island. It has many unique geological features. The island offers a magnificent view of large coral heads, barrel sponges, and underwater marine life.

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Saint Martin Island

Located on the Northeastern Caribbean, it is a small island paradise. The Dutch and French people live with great harmony side by side. Lapped between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Saint Martin has 37 beautiful beaches. The coastline is well maintained and soft. As this island is smallest among all a small walk is enough to reach the beaches. The French side of the Island is famed for its top-notch restaurants, Duty-free shops and indirect taxes shops, where you can enjoy unbeatable shopping. On another side, the city offers more entertainment. The French part of the island has deep details about the Saint Maarteen, which is an important region in the island. The museum is home to many ancient objects and old photos.

Dominican Republic

It is the second largest country in the Caribbean. Home to four highest peaks in the Caribbean, it is a mountainous region. Throughout the year the place boasts a fantastic weather with little temperature variations. The average temperature of the island usually varies between 25 and 28-degree Celsius. It is a perfect vacation spot for all types of travelers. With a thrilling history, it is a great island with a pleasant climate, crystal clear waters, beaches and stunning mountains. The place is a perfect heaven for beach lovers as the island is surrounded by nearly 250 miles of coastal line. Playa Boca Chica, Punta Cana, and Cayo Levantado are some of the best beaches on this island, where you can enjoy world-class scuba diving, snorkeling, and diving at these beaches.

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The land of Jamaica is full of rich culture, lush landscapes, beautiful beaches, reggae music and all-inclusive resorts. That’s why it is considered as the Heart of the Caribbean. This heavenly tropical island has mild climate year round with an average temperature of 27 degree Celsius. Home to many impressive beaches, the majority of the beaches on the island are clean and calm. The Jamaican beach is globally popular for silky white sand beaches extended over seven miles. The beaches here offer stunning sunsets, recreational activities, and delicious seafood.

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Puerto Rico

It is a union territory in the Northeastern Caribbean. Thus, U.S residents can visit here without a passport. Puerto Rico is an archipelago which includes a group of smaller and larger islands. It has a perfect weather, nearly around 21-26 degree Celsius all year around. The place will always offer you the pleasant and mild weather. There are many beautiful islands here to explore, sandy beaches of Puerto Rico are renowned worldwide. Stretched to 270 miles the beaches are also famous for sailing, surfing, and snorkeling. The streets of the city are clean and paved with blue cobblestones the city is better to walk the island by foot. While walking enjoys the delicious foods as the place is truly a paradise for food lovers.

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Aruba is an amazing island located in the warm waters of the Southern Caribbean Sea. With warm weather and sunny skies, tourists around the world visit the island again and again, additionally the near-perfect weather, beautiful island has sandy beaches, reliable transportation, and very friendly people. With cheap flights to Aruba, enjoy the Arikok National Park which is one of the must-visit spots here.


Located in the Southwestern Caribbean, Curacao us 40 miles long and covers an area of 171.4 square miles. The island boasts a pleasant, mild temperature year round. It is located just below the hurricane belt is the main reason for its great weather. The beautiful curvy beaches, stunning art, architecture and delicious foods make this place one of the best tourist destinations. The curacao island is globally renowned for its colonial architecture and clean streets. The capital of the city boasts many buildings that show the greatest history of the island. The architecture actually reflects Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese styles. The local arts of Curacao Island are popular among international tourists.

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St. Kittis and Nevis

A breathtakingly beautiful two-island country in the Southern Caribbean, St. Kittis is covering only an area of 261 kilometers. The 8th smallest country in the world, St. Kittis and Nevis are tropical islands famed for beautiful mountains, beaches, volcanoes and historical ruins. Saint Kittis is the largest among these two Caribbean islands. Once it was home to first British and French colonies. Because of its great significance, it is also called as ‘ The mother colony of West Indies’. And Nevis is important for Americans as it is the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the United States. To explore the island biking is the best way. You can have spectacular views of sandy beaches and hills to enjoy the beauty.



With more than 4000 islands, Cuba is the largest Island in the Caribbean and also the coolest island in the United States, just 83 miles away from Florida. Known for its music, world-class educational system, huge mountains and beautiful beaches, the beauty of the island is renowned worldwide. Pleasant, subtropical climate and 330 days of sunshine, it is always a perfect place to visit. The diverse landscape of Cuba is home to some rare species of plants and animals. Some of the amazing species unique to Cuba such as Bee hummingbird, Cuban Crocodile, Cuban Solenodon, Cuban boa, attracts more than 3 million visitors from all around the world.

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U.S. Virgin Island

Located in the Caribbean, it is a territory of the United States and consists of three main islands and many smaller islands. No passport is required for U.S. citizens to visit here as its a Union Territory. The island boasts a fantastic temperature ranges between 22 and 25 degree Celsius. All the beaches of the city are open to the public. World-Class snorkeling, diving, spectacular sunsets and deep sea fishing are the thing that awaits here for many adventurers. The Virgin island national park is the main attraction in the St. John Island, which occupies 60 percent of the island and is surrounded by coral reefs and ocean.

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