Delicious Desserts You Need to Try in Chicago

Foodies may flock to Chicago for tantalizing their taste buds with authentic, Bisquick-esque Chicago deep dish pizza but when it comes to deserts, the city will also not disappoint them. The windy city, Chicago is best known for its deserts. The city may not be popular for Illinois, but the city houses eclectic eateries which offer lip-smacking deserts that you should try. We often end up ordering deserts from fancy restaurants or bakeries that burn our full pockets. But if you are someone like always greedy for something sweet and terrible at backing, to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are some Best Desserts in Chicago that you must check out.

Chocolate Cream Pie

The filling’s seems in the deep chocolate pudding; the flaky crust is made up chocolate which is the role model of cookies. The most intriguing part is the sphere of whipped cream puts entire things on the crest. That means what can be the better manner to cap steak feast? Visit First Slice Pie Café in Chicago for this enticing deserts and dive into the heaven.

Key Lime Pie

Nestled on the crust made up of crackers of scratch graham, sweetened tart key lime is the mouthwatering delicious for sweet lovers. If you are fond of pie and you are in Chicago, then it is worth waiting for Key Lime Pie. Check out First Slice Pie Café for satisfying your sweet tooth.


Flan has the rotating cast of flavors each of them is amazing in taste. Latin American palates are the claim to fame cuisines of this Mom- and Pop type storefront. If you get chance, try to check out Mango con chile along with this sweet dish. Tasting this hardly trembling custard will be an amazing experience for every foodie. You can savor it by spending only $4 at Casa Yari that is best known for its Flan.

New Wave Soufflé

This delicious is topped with apple coulis that coupled with the caramel ice cream and cream anglaise. This four-star eaterie is the home of caramel apple which is the ethereal pie magic tricks. Avail this mesmerizing delicious at Everest restaurants and enjoy the eternal taste of pastry.

Passion Fruit Tart

The name of this dessert is its self-revealing the mouth-watering essence. The tart passionately unveils its creamy custard which is nestled in the flaky stable base and covered with meringue squiggle and often tumbles nasturtium leaves and flower petals. At Floriole, you can get this lip-smacking dessert at $5.75 So what are you waiting for? The bucket list desserts of Chicago now are at your fingertips.

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