5 Best Places To Travel In 2018

Leisure time means travel diaries and travel dairies means world-class planning with coolest offers. Travelers nowadays remain eager to know about such attractions which remote but alluring in nature, brimming with local wonders but still have that unique expression of city life that rejuvenate your mind and soul!!   It should be coolest yet pocket-friendly; it should be ideal for family travel and yet should not disappoint the lovebirds who want to spend their romantic time!! That means, the definition of coolest destinations is just to just have some beautiful beaches, and alluring galleries, or some eclectic eateries? Not really, along with that wonderers also need amazing vacation deals and some top tailor-made itineraries so that they can travel the world carefreely. Let’s have a look which coolest destinations are ranking in the top five!!!


In spite of political conflict and economic anguishes, country Egypt tourism has witnessed some ray of hope. The travelers have discovered a new reason to explore this amazing historic place. With more than 100,000 relics including the precious collections stored in vaults which are preserved at Egyptian Museum in Cairo, this magnificent museum displays a modernist layout courtesy of Heneghan Peng engineering. It is hard that the design was chosen after validating the 1500 suggestions suggested by architects of 82 countries.


We all know that Fiji is a hub of scenic beauty. The crumbly beach trimmed with palms, crystalline blue water with rocky cliffs and the lush greenery coated the craggy coastline, isn’t it portraying a picturesque scenario to you!!! With world-class family accommodation and eclectic eateries, this place is top family vacation spots all kind of travelers.

Archipelago Sea, Finland

The largest coastline in the world Archipelago Sea of Finland features with numerous islands. The shoreline covers approximately 2500 miles which is the off beaten roadway for international explorers and as well as locals. With subarctic charm, with uncanny sunlight summer nighttime and dark winter days, beautiful shoreline fringed with palm tree and dotted with the picturesque wooden cottage, this place is paradise on the earth.

Mexico City

The city is one of the coolest destinations for all kind of travelers. The city may have witnessed natural calamities like an earthquake; the city of art has reclaimed their honor by establishing themselves as World Design Capital. Starting from Monte Alban which is one of the topnotch archeological attractions in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende which is brimming with historic attractions, to Zipolite beach, the city has everything for every traveler.


The volcanic island, Salina is greenish; lush with beautiful vineyards this citrus plants and caper scrub is growing everywhere. Rent a scooter and explore the island. Visit Da Alfredo, eclectic eateries in the village of Lingua or explore the little coastal village of Pollara, where the film Il Postino was filmed.

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