Best Places to Celebrate “Fourth of July” All Around the World

“Freedom’s natal day is here.
Fire the guns and shout for freedom,
See the flag above unfurled!
Hail the stars and stripes forever,
Dearest flag in all the world. “
~Florence A. Jones

Fourth of July Happy Independence Day

Celebrate this Independence Day in the U.S. Often known as the “Fourth of July’, the day is celebrated as the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of the independence in the United State. Grab some tongs and some chill beer and enjoy the fireworks for the buzz. Instead of that optimistic about the ‘see-and-be-seen’ mentality this America’s birthday, escape the scene. Plan an awe-inspiring escape into the remote environments of United States and pay homage to the iconic natural beauty of the scenery around.

Below are some destinations where you can plan one of your best long weekends, retreating yourself away from the crowd this July 4th weekend.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Ski the parties and head out to Wyoming for a deep dive into the amazing great outdoors for a calm weekend this 4the July. The place is perfect for lacing up your hiking boots, saddling up your steed or just savoring the breeze over the mountain. Jackson Hole will get you off and leave you with the beauty of nature. Located in the heart of immense natural embodies the spirit of the American West. Overlook wide open skies and spotless landscapes from Amangani’s remote mountain land. Delight yourself with the mouth-watering cuisine cooked in their redwood paneled Grill, enjoy fireworks outside a pool.


Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

Whether you are looking for farm fresh award-winning dishes with handcrafted whiskey and rural appeal. Experience the southern soul in the heart of the breathtaking Mountains of Tennessee. Swap city lights with the wide open skies and sees the amazing place that mesmerizes every visitor. The Family-run Blackberry Farm has their own special July 4th. They light up the night sky with fireworks and offer an amazing culinary treat.

Smokey Mountains in Tennessee


New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the destinations that packs a scenic punch. The city is cultural crossroad set among wild landscapes. Wide-open roads through golden deserts are a boasting place to go. Once you visit there, literally you don’t want to see another soul. Lose yourself in town’s understated southwestern precipitous charm. Immerse yourself in the earthy historical soul, head upstate to the desert town of Santa Fe. During your visit to the town be sure to visit the Tsankawi Run and Hyde Memorial State Park. If you really want to stay away from the bustling city life, the only way is up- in a hot air balloon. Witness the dramatic view of the landscape of the Rio Grande and the Mexican border above.

New Mexico City


Sonoma, California

You must visit Northern California for an escape from daily life in the charming Sonoma Valley to celebrate the Independence Day on 4th July with a glass of the finest wine. The Place is the perfect civilized and sophisticated weekend place. It is a low-key paradise where you can enjoy a lot. From taco trucks and Michelin-starred restaurants to small B&BS; the place has everything. It is a romantic idyll set in the heart of beautiful rolling valleys of vineyards. The stunning property perfectly amalgamates pastoral and chic. It is the best place to retreat yourself for a tranquil long weekend. There is something for everyone.

Sonoma city in California


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