Best Vacation Spots for Irish Book Lovers

To call upon the literary legends and the tour to Irish literature starts with country’s four Nobel prize winners of all time: William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Seamus Heaney and Samuel Beckett. These musketeers retrace forward the steps of many other literary giants from Satirist Jonathan Swift to taking down to the stream of consciousness master James Joyce.

Now to describe forward the places along with the name of literary luminaries please have a look on below.

WB Yeats – County Sligo

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Yeats, Yeats2015 will be rooted in County Sligo where he created some of his life’s greatest works. Following that, you can visit a boat trip on Lough Gill, visit Glencar waterfall at the time of dusk. Sligo’s breathtaking table mountain is a must watch. At its lower origin, Yeats himself rests in Drumcliff cemetery.

WB Yeats – County Sligo

Frank McCourt – Limerick City

The back of the walls, churches, the laneways over here are exactly intact like Frank McCourt painted it. This is the first ever city which produced culture from 2014. His attended school is now a museum. Angela’s Ashes tour is a magnificently enthralling city tour.

Frank McCourt – Limerick City

James Joyce – Country Dublin

For James, Dublin city was a clear, vibrant and poetic place that it could take a personality all on its own. The city consists of its own character were conversing with every other citizen we get to know the places like weavers hall and four courts. Martello tower at Sandycove of this place down by the seaside is now transferred into a museum on author’s memory. To gain an exclusive insight upon James Joyce, the tourists are suggested to take the James Joyce Walking Tour.

CS Lewis – Belfast and County Down

CS Lewis romanticizes about the sound of a steamer’s horn at night as summoning upon his whole boyhood. Belfast was his birthplace around 20th century while the Harland & Wolff shipyards were his memorable childhood spots. One must go to the festival which is organized by the city and of course, should take the CS Lewis tour to gather more knowledge about him. The astonishing and magical world of county down’s Mourne Mountains also comes in his work, which gives us a glimpse of Narnia.

Seamus Heaney –County Londonderry and Belfast

The famous poet as well Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney studied and worked a larger part of his life in Belfast. The former years of his life in county Londonderry apprehensively influenced to write him the award-winning poetry ‘Digging’, and in the soil of the same county, his soul now rests.

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