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The ultramodern and traditional city of Tokyo; the capital of Japan and the busiest city. It is one of the most influential and cultural cities. The city has a plethora of things to do and see. The diverse range of attraction that the city presents attracts a number of tourists from around the world. Book cheap flights to Tokyo and with the complete Tokyo travel guide, you can enjoy a wonderful array of attractions, activities to do, and amazing aerial views of the city from the top of the Tokyo Tower. You will always find something new in the city. Tokyo can never get boring in this futuristic city.

Best Time to Visit Tokyo

Tokyo is a city that relishes traces of an ancient, more contemplative approach. You can book your cheap airline tickets to Tokyo in the spring (March to May) when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and daytime temperature is comfortable to take a walk around the streets of the city. Autumn (September to November) is the time when you can witness the foliage change color.

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Top 10 Attractions of Tokyo

  1. The Imperial Palace- It is the chief attraction of Tokyo Marunouchi district. This beautiful park is surrounded by walls and moats. Nijubashi Bridge is as famous as the palace. Leading to its interior, the notable feature includes the two-meter-thick wall surrounding the palace and its gates.
  2. Ginza District: Shop ’til you Drop- The commercial center of the country for centuries, Ginza is the Tokyo’s busiest shopping area. It is as iconic as the Time Square in New York and much older. The streets here are lined up by exclusive shops and palatial stores.
  3. Asakusa and the Senso-Ji Temple- Standing at the end of a long street of shops, it is the famous shrine in the city, where masks, combs made of ebony and wood, kimonos, fabrics, and paper goods are on sale. This shrine is dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion.
  4. National Museum of Nature and Science- The amazing National Museum of Nature and Science is situated in the Tokyo’s Ueno Park. Opened in 1871 its one of the oldest museums and is completely renovated and modernized later on. The museum houses a broad collection of materials related to natural history and science including many other fascinating things and interactive displays.
  5. Ueno Park and Zoo- It is an oasis of greenery in the heart of busy Tokyo. The city’s largest green space is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Its lovely grounds, the park which boasts a zoo too, aquarium and numerous temples attract visitors all over.
  6. Tokyo National Museum- This houses more than 100,000 important works of Japanese, Chinese, and Indian art. Opened in 1938, it has more than 100 national treasure. The Tokyo National Museum includes highlights like numerous Buddhist sculptures from Japan and China.
  7. National Museum of Western Arts- The National Museum of Western Arts is just three minutes walking from Ueno Station. It was built in 1959. The exhibits here are largely made up of works of important French artists. The museum has an amazing restaurant with great views over the courtyard.
  8. The Meiji Shrine- This shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife. Its museum contains royal treasure and the Outer Precinct. The shrine has a superb collection of murals related to the lives of the Emperor and Empress.
  9. The Mirakin and Edo-Tokyo Museums- It is one of the Tokyo’s newest museums, it refers to as the Miraikan. This museum offers a fascinating insight into Japan’s leading role in the field of ultra-modern technology. The purpose of building this includes many hands-on interactive exhibits dealing with everything, whether it is related to earthquakes or weather also about the renewable energy and robotics.
  10. The Tokyo Skytree- If you are visiting the city of Tokyo then it’s hard to miss the Tokyo Skytree. Known as the Tokyo Sukaitsuri, it is 634-meter-tall communication and observation tower. It is the city’s tallest structure, which became the city’s most visited tourist attraction.

Best Outdoor Things to Do in Tokyo

  1. Enjoy Winters at the home of Winter Activities- If you are visiting Japan, then must visit Hokkaido. It is one of the best places to enjoy the world’s best winter activities. This place has the finest powder snow in Japan and a variety of courses. It has so many Ski resorts offer après-ski activities.
  2. Trek through Oze National Park- This park spreads throughout four prefectures: Fukushima, Gunma, Tochigi, and Niigata; this park is the perfect place to enjoy hiking with various trails. It has a number of surrounding mountains with nice trekking routes with huts.
  3. Adventurous summer at Okutama- Enjoy single-seat rafting in the Tama River. The River has a relatively gentle flow which offers Canyoning tours which is an admirable hike down throughout the forested canyons. It is a great place to escape from the bustling city life.

Shopping and Nightlife in Tokyo

The capital of Japan is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It has a legendary nightlife, you can start your evening with a drink at a tachinomi stand bar, dine at a cozy izakaya, and dance until morning to the beats of DJs from all around the world. In the massive metropolis enjoy the ultimate night scenes.
From trendy fashion and branded goods to colorful anime goods, Tokyo has various shops from where you can buy whatever you want, although sometimes not at your desired price. Most of the shopping districts have their own characteristics and specialties.

List of Airports in Tokyo

The major airports that serve the city of Tokyo are Narita International Airport (NRT) and Tokyo International Airport, commonly known as Haneda International (HND). The airport serves everything from transportation to parking facilities. The ground transportation the airport offers are a private taxi, hotel shuttles, and car rentals.

Getting Around Tokyo

The city has two major international airports. The Tokyo Narita International Airport serves around more than 35 million passengers every year. It has a connection to hundreds of city worldwide. Haneda International Airport is closest to Tokyo. You can easily get a taxi and bus services that connect two airports.