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The beautiful city doesn’t need any introduction, as its known to everyone around the globe for its glamour, beaches, and sunny weather. Miami itself is one of the most diverse and dynamic cities. Its unique, Caribbean influenced culture is seductive. Miami captures people with the dazzling glamour which always spellbound you to visit here more and more. The beauty of the city will always steal your heart.

Best Time to Visit Miami

The place is famous for its beautiful beaches and nightlife. And the best time to experience both is from January to April. The temperature of the city is moderate at this time to explore the city at its best.

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Top 10 Attractions in Miami

  1. Iconic Miami Beach – It is the best part of the city the glitziest and probably the rowdiest too. If you want to soak up yourself in some sun rays on a sandy beach, then surely it is the best place to visit.
  2. Jungle Island – Located on Watson Island and formerly known as Parrot Jungle, it is one of the most popular attractions in Miami. This park enthralls tourists with a sense of adventure and discovery.
  3. Art Deco District – The district has a lot to attract tourists for a relaxed day in the Miami’s beach area. Its neon signs and canopy covered with lights truly gives an experience of fine dining scenes.
  4. Bayside Market Place – Hosting many tourist shops, cafes, and restaurants, Bayside Market Place has it all. Well-Known chain stores and an array of charming boutiques in this outdoor mall also attract plenty of tourists.
  5. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens – Nicknamed as Miami’s greatest treasures, this garden is famous for its stunning architecture and artwork, which makes it a must-visit place. This Renaissance-style Villa is filled with European furniture and arts from 15th to 16th century.
  6. Zoo Miami – Explore a real safari at the Zoo Miami, with open-air exhibits and a cage-free environment to have a close interaction with the animals in Zoo. It is fantastic for families, especially for the younger ones.
  7. Miami Science Museum – With a large number of interactive exhibits, the Miami Science Museum offers a truly immersive experience of a wide range of scientific fields.
  8. Everglades National Park – Home to alligators, snakes, crocodiles, and a wholes host of birds. , Everglades National Park is just a short drive away from Miami. The best way to see the Everglades is abroad a high-speed airboat!!
  9. Freedom Tower – The tower stands as a tribute to Cuban immigration. It is the most striking and oldest skyscrapers in the Southern United States. It is serving as the head office of the Miami Daily New for many years.
  10. Miami Sea Aquarium – The Miami Sea Aquarium is the most favorite family attraction from far and wide. With a daily dolphin, killer whales and other ocean mammals show the aquarium will always delight you.

Best Outdoor Activities in Miami

  • Oleta River Sea Recreation Area – Sitting on an idyllic strand of Miami beach, it is a great place for all. It is a true jewel of natural beauty. Tourists can enjoy miles of walking, mountain biking trails, a peaceful man-made stretch of beach and a well-appointed playground for kids.
  • Boca Raton – Located in Palm Beach County; known as “Boca” to locals, Boca Raton is full of beaches, golf courses, fine hotels, and wondrous art museums. It is one of the nation’s premier resort destinations.
  • Deep Sea Fishing – Whether you are a seasonal adventurer or an enthusiastic tyro, the city offers best deep sea fishing in the world. In winters it is the prime activity in Miami.
  • City of Coral Gables’ Venetian Pool – This pool was created to satisfy the urge of the imaginative designer Denman Fink. Every evening it is filled with 800,000 gallons of water of artesian water and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Shopping and Nightlife in Miami

No doubt that it is one of the busiest cities in the world. But it also has the best nightclubs in the USA. The nightclubs in Miami are the best in the world. If you are a party person then this place is a perfect place for you. Some of the best nightclubs in the city are LIV, Mansion Night Club, SET, and Mynt Lounge. It is a very colorful city with vibrant nightlife and party culture to satisfy a night owl. You can enjoy all types of music here from jazz and blues to rock and Latin music. Take your flight to Miami and get ready to enjoy this amazing city. You will never get bored here.

Airports in Miami, Florida

Historically was known as Wilcox Field, Miami International Airport serves more than 100 airlines approximately to 150 destinations. It is situated in the northwest of Downtown Miami and is a hub for American Airlines, UPS Airlines, and FedEx Express. The airport has all features from ATM’s money exchanging to shops, restaurants to duty-free shops, the airport has all. The lost and facility is available on the North Terminal next to Bank of America. Special provisions are provided for the disabled passengers and medical care facilities are also available at the airport.

Getting Around Miami, Florida

Local Buses – There are plentiful buses in Miami and they run quite often. The locals and bus drivers are very helpful. They will always help you to navigate the bus routes and schedules of the buses. And traveling by buses are always just a matter of few dollars.

Metrorail – If you want to travel the outskirts of Miami, Metrorail is the best option for you. It is a nice urban train network and the fastest one too, to get anywhere in the city.

Metromover – Metromover is a unique one to get around the city. It is an elevated self-driven train, that features wifi access and is free. It gives a pretty cool experience of traveling through the tall buildings in the city.

Taxis – Taxis are the not so expensive option for the US. Considering taxi is the best option if no other transportation is available.