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One of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, Toronto is known as Canada’s center for the arts and media. It is a vibrant big-time city that showcases the vibes of even smaller things to enjoy the life to its fullest. Kenned as “City of Neighborhoods”; minorities make half of the population of the city and coexist in peaceful microcosms. There are plenty of things to do and see in Toronto, it could be a steamy delicious dim sum in Chinatown, shopping at the excursion in St. Lawerence Market or coffee at any of the café around. Cheap Toronto flights will take you to the city of green spaces, where you can have leisure time with your family.

Best Time to Visit Toronto

The best time to visit Toronto is from June to early October when numerous festivals and events take place. Autumn is also a nice time to visit the city when the temperature is mild and the sun is shining.

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French Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Top 10 Attractions in Toronto

  1. CN Tower – The structure can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. It is one of the must-see attractions and also impossible to miss. It is the best option to explore the city of Toronto.
  2. Royal Ontario Museum – Known as the ROM, it is one of Canada’s premier museum. It has an international reputation for excellence.
  3. Roger’s Center – Just adjacent to the CN Tower is Rodgers Center. It is a massive sports arena. It is a venue for every kind of sport. The center also offers one-hour guided tours with behind the scene facility.
  4. Art Gallery of Ontario – It is on the west side of the city center and occupies as a unique looking modern building. The highlights of the museum include collections of Canadian, African, and Oceania, and European art.
  5. Casa Loma – It is an extraordinary building originally constructed for Sir Henry Pellatt. This foremost capital of Canada is full of decorated suites, secret passages, an 800-foot tunnel, towers, and five acres of estate garden.
  6. Toronto Zoo – Toronto Zoo lies on the Red River. With its collection of several thousand animals, one of the major attractions is the panda exhibit. The zoo is divided into several sections.
  7. St. Lawernce Market – This famous market houses a variety of vendors selling food products, flowers, and other special items. The building has a unique atmosphere and is also used for films and occasional shoots.
  8. Entertainment District – The district center of the city comes to life in the evening. It is the place to come and see the major theater productions with the latest shows and musical concerts, and other performing activities.
  9. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada – The newest attraction of Canada is situated near the base of the CN Tower. The most impressive attraction here is the huge underwater tunnel. The aquarium gives a truly serene experience of all ages.
  10. Eaton Center – This ultra modern shopping center is located at the north end of the Central District Business Center. The complex is a bewildering maze of departmental stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafeterias, and snack bars.

Best Outdoor Activities in Toronto

  • Rouge Park – This park is comprised of 47 square kilometers of historic farms, wetlands, undisturbed meadows and forests where you can enjoy boating on the Bordering Lake Ontario, hiking and camping and some fantastic views of the trails.
  • Ashbridge’s Bay – It’s a very famous competition in Toronto to see how early people will get in their shorts. It is a way fro Toronto to shake off their winter weariness and also to remember the good times.
  • Evergreen Brickworks – It is a former industrial site that has become a love letter to the famous green movement. The indoor of the park has beautiful lush gardens and a year-round farmer’s market.

Shopping and Nightlife

Whether you are looking for retro bargain finds or upscale couture, Toronto is the best shopping place. With an endless list of daily events and huge annual festivities, the city of 2.6 million has action-packed scenes. Torontonians are famous for their diverse night scenes. With a diverse range and musical options, the city offers all kind of nightclubs, bars, dance clubs, pubs and more. Queen Street is the street with the most popular bars and pubs in the world.

List of Airports, Toronto

The primary airport that serves the city is Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Another airports that serves the city is Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is operated by Transport Canada. Both airports are well connected to the city. Cheap flights to Toronto are easily available to any of these airports with small hunt and instant act.

Getting Around Toronto

With all the options, you can get anywhere in the city. Toronto’s public transport is consist of a connected network of subways, buses, and streetcars. Traveling here is safe, efficient and reliable. After 1:30 am in the night, the Blue Night Network offer services at the main streets and stops buses anywhere between the stops. While renting a car is an expensive option to choose.