Chicago Style vs. New York Style: The Pizza Challenge

The debate is as older as the pizza styles themselves.The Pizza Challenge: Chicago vs New York ! A number of food critics and food lovers tried to compare the thin crust of the Big Apple City’s pizza to Chicago’s thick crust pizza and find out who’s the winner. But all FAILED. The palaver usually goes nowhere and as enthusiasts of each city’s signature are equally passionate and different. Both cities have long traditions and histories of making pizzas. Chicago and New York are the best cities for the pizza lovers, as both offer many variations of their own style and unique recipes with their unique blend of flavors.

In New York City, pizza is one of the great street food because you can just fold it and enjoy it and keep walking. Different toppings of the pizza are acceptable but plain slices are actually one of the most authentic experience. Regular slices with mozzarella cheese and light tomato sauce, it an ultimate tripping experience.

Chicago Style Pizza

Book cheap flights to Chicago– the city which is famous for its deep dish pizza, which is more likely a pie- Deep, full of sauce and loaded with toppings. From top to bottom the famous Chicago deep pan pizza can be arranged like this- the crust, sliced mozzarella, pepperoni or sausage, onions, mushrooms and bell peppers and finally uncooked canned tomatoes.

So the ‘Big Question’ is “Which is the Better One”? Of course, no one can answer this question as both are unique and different in flavors. It would be difficult to choose which one is better. The crusts are different, the sauce tastes different, each is constructed in a uniquely different manner. Its simply like comparing a chocolate cookie to a chocolate pie.

New York Style Pizza

The two pizzas usually don’t taste at all alike so its even more difficult to give an accurate or partial judgement. But still we tried it to brief few differences:


New York City: Crispy, thin crust with a thin layer of tomato coulis, assorted toppings, and lots of cheese.
Chicago: thicker, deep crust with an inch-deep smothering of cheese, toppings, and again a layer of tomato sauce.


New York City: Limited amount of toppings because of the thin crust and on-the-go nature of the pizza slice.
Chicago: A generous amount of toppings reaches several inches in depth due to the thicker crust and pie like structure.


New York City: The traditional slice is triangular in shape just like a piece of pie or cake.
Chicago: It is served in portions in the same manner as a casserole.


New York City: A very thin layer of mozzarella.
Chicago: Several layers of cheese.

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