Why is Thailand known as the ‘Land of Smiles’?

Asia has become one of the prominent travel destinations in the world. And all of these Asian destinations Thailand tailored itself as the “Land of Smiles”. This nickname of the famous destination was firstly dubbed in a promotional sense. And its main purpose was to lure the tourists with its white sand beaches, affordable cheap flights and the extreme hospitality of the folks. Its coastlines of Southern Thailand are some of the astounding places in the world. The cost of living here during your vacations is extremely low as compared to the Western countries. Last but not the least the folks here are courteous and kind.

Just the nickname of this beautiful place is enough to explain the nature of this country, smiling people all around the streets. Thailand welcomes around 32 millions foreign tourists in a year. There are a number of reasons Thai people smile so much and they treat their visitors with so much of love,affection and respect and this secret behind why Thailand is the Land of Smiles are so many. The smiles are part of their culture. In Thai culture, a smile is a medium to convey more of happiness. No matter what the situation is Thais always smile. Instead of showing those negative situations, they act as nothing happened and smile often. Thailand is maybe a perfect escape to many of the people. In fact, there are many phrases in Thailand describes around thirteen types of smiles that the folks of Thailand share with others. The most commons are:

Yim suu suu! – It is the inspiring smile. Whenever you visit across a beach in Thailand, you will see a few locals giving you this smile to cheer you and wishing you luck.

Fuoom Yim- It is the obligatory smile. This smile is giving at the odd moments.

Yim yoh-yae- The pained smile. The locals probably give this smile when something goes wrong. It simply means that if anything goes wrong then you don’t need to cry.

Yim dor dhaan- The disagreeable smile. This kind of smile is giving in situations like if you are in a market and you bargained with the seller, he’s not happy with that but still accepts that, then you have to keep this smile.

Yim yaw- The self-righteous smile. It’s given when somewhen get hurts and still says. Its okay smile, I told you, this will happen.

Yim taak thaai- The normal/common smile. It is a polite smile for strangers only. When you are strolling around the streets amd beaches of Thailand, you will often see this sort of smile.

So keep your eyes open and identify the various types of smiles in the Thailand. And when you do see someone smiling at you, don’t forget to smile in return. After all the Asian destination is known as the “Land of Smiles” and for a reason. With cheap airline tickets to Thailand, prepare yourself for an amazing journey, the “Land of Smiles” is definitely one of the best places to visit and welcoming countries around the globe.

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