The 10 Most Colorful And Vibrant Travel Destinations In The World

Colors make us happy!! Like, we love colorful life for rejoicing moments. Have you ever been any places which make you feel – it is a canvas and painter is nature!! Discover the wonders of world, explore the paradise in the earth, witness the beauty these travel destination to brighten you.

1. Via Galuppi, Burano, Italy

For its spectacular scenic beauty, Venice has gained popularity as the most romantic and colorful destinations to explore. But the tiny island, Burano has something that appeals the photo fanatics to capture their best photogenic treasures ever. The unique architecture portrays the history of oldest Italy and the colorful houses can be distinguished for its own individual architectures.

2. Chefchaouen, Morocco

A little away from the larger and other touristic cities, this colorful city of Morocco, Chefchaouen island of peace and printed with various shades of aqua blue which melt your heart once you land to this most alluring cities.

3. Balat Istanbul

Once home to the Jewish quarter, Balat is one the alluring cities in the world. Invest some energy to explore the old architecture, commendable the decrepit yellow and pink dwelling decorated with billowing green or red curtains, you will just fall in love with this atmosphere.

4. Rio de Janeiro

If you are an art fanatic, this is the spot you should not be missed. Rio de Janeiro is the place where you find the great canvas created by the community of these two artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn. With the help of the local art students, they are turning the dwellings of Favela Santa Maria into a rainbow.

5. Vernazza, Italy

Visit Vernazza and you will find sea green, pastel pink, lemon yellow, façade dot the shoreline of Vernazza. Don’t forget to witness the most stunning waterfront parish that makes up Cinque Terre.

6. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The city is full of colors and shades. You will not find any repetition of any single colors in the seven-block neighborhood. Trimmed Palm trees add a quintessentially the Caribbean element to the charismatic charm of Europe‘s old-world structures. With San Juan’s eclectic eateries, vivacious nightlife, the Old San Juan is a color vacation paradise for all kind of tourists.

7. La Boca, Buenos Aires

Travelers will find almost every color of paint box. Absolutely a visual treat for every traveler, La Boca is made of scrap materials sourced from nearby shipyards.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are traveling alone, then Amsterdam is the ultimate spot to have fun. The dwellings of early middle Ages and its own city charm are the special attractions of this city. Book your cheap flights to Amsterdam and don’t forget to take that city tour if you are up for experiencing the vibrant nightlife.

9. Santorin, Greece

The tiny island of the southern coast of Greece has earned a reputation for its alluring red-roofed whitewashed dwellings, the stunning sunset views and obviously the stunning Greek delicious.

10. San Francisco, California, USA

Do you want to witness the alluring bubble gum Victorian mansion? Then San Francisco is such destination which should not be missed. The beautiful painted lady with its own shades of color will greet you and that Disney elements of this city will add some extra sugar for making you amaze.

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