Top 10 Beer Destinations in the World

People all around the world enjoy ample of beverages and among that beer is the most popular one. The background of this pleasurable drink will take you to the BC era. The art of beer brewing has created some of the fine and unique beers that curb the thirst of millions worldwide. For all the beer lovers in the world, there are some undeniable strongholds. If you are a true beer lover then following these worldwide best beer destinations should definitely be in your city to visit.

Dublin, Ireland

Step into the world of unique Irish bizarre flavors and relish yourself with thirst breaking malty beer brews. The Dublin city is the absolute paradise for beer lovers.The taste of beer will always stay in your tongue. The famous beer breweries of Ireland includes Kilkenny, Caffrey’s, and Mulligans. And don’t forget to cheers the city’s oldest brew, The Potherland, and the Brazen Head Pub.

Prague, Czech Republic

The city of beauty and elegance, Prague is also famous for its beer scenes. This renowned beer lover paradise is the largest tourist destination in the Czech Republic. The city has the chain of international favorite beer and is built upon a selection of local craft brews. The most famous beer brewer here is Pilsner, which is also responsible for the country’s beer economy raise.

Moscow, Russia

City’s vodka culture is now turning into a beer paradise. The blend of international touch in the Russian culture is now reclined towards beer than vodka shots. New generation beer geeks have suddenly stepped into the doors of Moscow, Russia. With growing new breweries Russia is overloaded by American pop culture and German Malt. Some of the famous beer in Russia are Baltika and Stary, these are the best in the city.

Munich, Germany

The city is preferably known as the beer paradise of the world of all the beer cities. It is a hub for fresh brew and lager. The amazing annual Munich Oktoberfest is the biggest drinking festival in the world, that houses the famous German beer hall. Some of the famous beer brands in the city are Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, and Erdinger. These famous brands are originated in Germany.

Portland, USA

The name may sound small but it is regarded as the largest city in Maine. It is known as the beer house of the USA and home to largest authentic restaurants. The city has a wide chain of bars and beers parlors. If you are a hardcore beer lover then you are most welcomed to the city. It is the parent house of the most beer companies, Allagash, Novare Res, Oxbow and Bunker are among the best ones.

Mexico City, Mexico

Just the name of the city grows the appetite of the beer lovers. The city has the authentic range of traditional beer to its parlors and in-house beer brewery. The city’s exotic culture have made this place a paradise for beer. Book cheap flights to Mexico City once and you will become a fan of its beer brew. You can savor the exotic range of Mexican beers includes the beer box, Osadia, Xochipilli and Babilonia Alquimia Mexicana, the choice is yours.

Brussels, Belgium

Every time when your belly craves for some sweetness, the almost everyone dream about the rich Belgium Chocolate. With the beautiful cathedrals of the city as the central theme and floral canals, Brussels in Belgium also exports almost 400 different Belgium brands beer to rest of the world. It is just like the source of beer for people around the world. To satisfy your beer fantasy you can say cheers at De Gouden Boom Brewery Museum.

London, United Kingdom

Beer is the blend of famous British History. The British Beer Culture has ruled over the world from the vogue period. Beers in London have been brewing with its authentic blend of beers for more than 100 years from now. The city is famous for its cask beer also known as the red ale. The Old Truman Brewery is the most famous and oldest one, to satisfy your thirst for beer.

Bruges, Belgium

Belgium is a treat to the eyes for those who already in love with nature. Bruges is also known for another big thing in the city. Yes!! Bruges also emerges as the famous beer place for beer geeks. When it comes to beer, Bruges is the Queen of all. The oldest beer brewery in the city is Struise Brouwer, to get rid of your urge for a beer.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Better known as the Dutchland, the place is known for beer geeks. With the blend of the oldest and finest as well as the Newest breweries in the world, the city has managed to fill the gap between generations with heavy ambiance and its light mood for the beer geeks. Fly to Amsterdam and you will definitely fall in love with it. The famous beer brands in Amsterdam are Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch. When you are in the city, Jordan is the best place to say cheers.

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