Toronto Food Bucket List: 10 Things to Eat in Toronto Before You Die

Being one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto is the perfect combination of different cultures and the fusion of the present, past, and future that shape the city and people, but also the food. Its impossible to imagine this city as a single flavor. The city has great people with even better food options- that is what Toronto really about. No matter where are you from and what you like, you will always find different flavors here. With cheap flights to Toronto(YTO), check out these 10 things to eat in Toronto before you die.

  1. Cacao 70: This brunch item is specialized in sandwiches, crepes, fondue, and obviously chocolate. You can also try grilled meat sandwiches, salads and omelettes. Make sure don’t let the chocolate sweep off your feet. The must-try order here is strawberry cheesecake crepe.
  2. Spring Sushi: Must try spring-sushi at Yonge-Dundas Square they offer iPad-ordering for its large menu selection. Nowadays they also dabble in Thai. The best part of this restaurant is they offer 10% discounts to students.
  3. Uncle Testu Angel Maid Café: It is the type of café where servers don black and white frilly wear maid outfits and greet you with a passionate “irrashaimase”, which means welcome. They offer in-house café drinks and desserts which includes Angel Hat cheesecakes, which is one of the must-try things here and other items include matcha lattes and puddings. If you are a hardcore Tetsu fan then must try it at Eaton store.
  4. Tsujiri: It is a speciality café borne from the trend. This company has a history of over 150 years in Japan. The café also serves hot and cold drinks, ice-creams and baked goods all with the same type of common denominator: matcha goodness.
  5. Magic Noodles: The magic of these noodles is that they are hand-pulled. There is a small amount of customization like choosing your noodle thickness. Apart from these noodles they also serve snacks, savoury like pancakes, potato pastries, meat skewers and Asian-inspired burgers and more.
  6. Little Fin: This place offers mostly seafood in burgers and sandwiches as you can allude it by its name. The most popular one is the lobster. This place properly knows how to honour, it will make you forget the McDonald’s Lobster Roll for sure.
  7. Marathon Donuts and Coffee: This café may not look like an artsy café- like ones tucked away in every corner in the downtown Toronto. This place does worth a second glance.
  8. Remezzo Italian Bistro: This place has been operating since 1978. It is a perfect wine and down location with an extensive wine list to match their lengthy menu with everything from homemade pasta to pizzas to steaks.
  9. Momofuku Noodle Bar: David Chang’s Momofuku is behind a lot of joints across North America that includes Milk Bar. This place is a perfect ramen bar. The Noodle Bar house specializes in noodles and buns. They also offer a unique combo of ramen and buns fillings to satiate your curious taste buds.
  10. Pastel Creperie and Dessert House: When you have the real Pastel Creperie, then just head towards to the Pastel Creperie and Dessert House. They serve delicious crepes with ice cream on the side as well as classics like waffles, cake, and cookies, You can also customize your latte.

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